Why Doctor Prescribed Stop Smoking Prescriptions are Good for You

If you are a frustrated person and have miserably failed to avoid smoking you should surely consult a doctor who will prescribe the latest stop smoking aid to help you quit the habit for ever.

Over the counter products in the local drug store are good for the time being but most of the users of these drugs retract and come back to smoking according to the studies conducted. Drug companies make much money because people offer a temporary bill, come back to smoke.

The products of the company have no long lasting effect on the smokers. In spite of a strong will power, a person, on account of stress, takes to smoking again though he uses stop smoking products.

Nicotine Replacement Medications

Zyban is one of the most common forms of stop smoking prescription for nicotine replacement. Thee prescriptions imitate nicotine and make you believe that you are smoking to be free from the withdrawal symptoms.

Similar to the patch and the gum, you should not smoke while using nicotine replacement medications test you may develop high blood pressure and may even gat a stroke or heart attack.

With support system or therapy sessions Zyban, the stop smoking prescription, works the best. This is because it is easy to get on a prescription to stop smoking just like slapping on a patch or popping a piece of nicotine gum in your mouth.

Without support system or therapy when you are cut off in traffic or when your boss calls you out in front of everyone in a meeting, you will surely reach for a cigarette.

The urge to smoke is very strongly embedded in every smoker even with stop smoking prescriptions. Zyban also acts as an antidepressant and makes you feel better while kicking the habit.

Moments of extreme stress or ill feeling are the villains which decide whether we are smokers or quitters. If any stop smoking prescription is given, ensure that you have a support system to lead you along the difficult path of recovery from smoking cigarettes and save you from severe problems later.






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