Stop smoking campaign

There has been a concerted attempt to stop smoking through a campaign by a number of different groups of people. The aim of all these groups is to focus on stop smoking and point out that smoking kills people.

Many years

Stop smoking campaign has been in existence since a number of years. People have found out that smoking is fatal and since then the campaign has stated. The chief aim of the campaign is to educate people on the dangers of smoking and lead them, to give up the horrible and life destroying habit.

There are a number of reasons for the existence of anti smoking campaigns for long. At first the campaign targets teenagers and children and tries to save them, from falling a victim to the deadly habit. The stress is on them because it is at this age that youngsters and children go astray and fall a prey to the disgusting habit. Weaning away the youngsters from smoking will surely lessen the number of smokers in society.

The biggest part of smoking campaign is to educate people on how smoking is dangerous and death dealing. Most of the people are totally unaware of the very serious consequences of smoking and take it casually to their own detriment. Hence making them knowledgeable is of paramount significance.

The next part of the campaign is to help people, who smoke and those who however much they try, are not in a position to quit smoking. It is here that you have support groups, patches, gums and different medications to help people quit smoking. Individually it is impossible to help smokers but with help from others through the campaign you can do the needful. Stop smoking campaign has been working for a long time, successfully and satisfactorily in turning the tide for the betterment of the smokers.






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