How to Stop Smoking for Good

How to stop smoking for good? It is only by not smoking which is not only the easiest but the hardest thing for man. Mere words of stopping smoking are in effective. You have to give up totally placing a cigarette in your mouth once for all. Gum or the patch, the nicotine replacement therapies should cut down on nicotine to stop smoking. But this has a reverse effect on the smokers.

No appetizers

Reducing smoking or nicotine is not at all the panacea for stopping smoking for ever. It is similar to developing a terrible allergy to your favorite dish or food. If you take the food you become sick. If not, your resolve, not to smoke is dashed to pieces. The appetizer reminds you of what you are missing.

More than food allergy, smoking will make you deathly sick. Remember again and again that you are allergic to smoking and avoid anything that reminds you of the lack of nicotine to your body. This is the simple or basic criteria as you cannot miss the thing, you are reminded of.

Other tips

If all at your home are non smokers it is easy to follow cold turkey and become a non smoker. But if your family, room mate or partner refuses to quit smoking, cravings trigger and you have to see the doctor to stop smoking through nicotine replacements. Even minimizing smoking will be of good help.

Don’t watch people smoke, don’t visit places where people smoke, your health is of primary importance and not the selfishness of others. Don’t browse smoking websites and meet support groups too much as they tell more about the sensations you miss.
Be busy and distracted. Don’t over eat. Try different dishes and have an exercise regimen to avoid over weight and also for distraction. Think about how much money you save by stopping to smoke. You can deposit the money in your savings bank account for your cherished goal to help your determination.






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