How to Quit Smoking Turkey – Some Facts

It is really quite a commitment to quit smoking cold turkey, the most difficult and the hardest thing a person can do. If you intend doing it you should know a few things that can help you do so.

Start small

Wean yourself away from smoking slowly but surely. It is better to quit smoking cold turkey from smoking 10 cigarettes a day than to do so from smoking many pack a day. Begin slowly before you quit smoking cold turkey.

In order to quit smoking cold turkey you need help from a friend or some one who also wants to quit cold turkey. You are lucky if you get such a person who wants to do the same thing. It is easier for you to do this in company with a person in the same frame of mind and situation.

Other methods of support include the usage of a patch or a chewing gum which confirm and ensure your success in quitting smoking cold turkey.

The greatest thing you have to do in trying to quit smoking cold turkey is to choose a life style that allows you to succeed in your effort to quit. If you are a smoker still, that life style will not help you quit smoking. Avoid all tempting situations to smoke.

Don’t fall in to different ruts that encourage you to smoke. The best thing to quit smoking cold turkey is an alteration in your life style that lures you in to smoking. Find other things to do while you would usually be smoking or do another thing that engages your time like smoking once did. You will surely be victorious in your efforts to quit smoking cold turkey.






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