How to Grapple with Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms Successfully

Nicotine a constituent of cigarette is an addictive chemical and makes all smokers dependent on it through smoking. Nicotine is considered to be as addictive as cocaine and dangerous as it gives rise to many health related issues when people depend on it.

Your failure in quitting smoking is because you are unable to withstand the withdrawal symptoms which are extremely uncomfortable to live with. This is because of Nicotine withdrawal. To take to smoking again will further endanger your body and life more than nicotine withdrawal.

Symptoms can be managed

It is very challenging for a smoker to manage the potential symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and give up smoking. It would be easier for the person to manage if the symptoms were known in advance through proper planning and preparation.

Without some kind of supporting system you cannot quit smoking. Perhaps you have tried to quit many times but failed and this is mainly because of your dependence on nicotine that drags you to one more cigarette.

Included among the host of physical effects of nicotine withdrawal are head ache, nausea, fatigue, irritability, anxiety depression and gastrointestinal upset. An increase in hunger makes the smoker eat much resulting in gain in weight.

Tobacco craving will become so intense that the person, unable to with stand, may return to smoking. These unpleasant symptoms can be curbed with the help of some aids.

If you are serious about quitting smoking and find it difficult for may reasons, consult the doctor to know how you could make it easier. Smoking is a very bad, dirty and unhealthy habit and there are many ways to help you quit the habit.






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