How the Stop Smoking Vaccine can Help you Stay as a Non-Smoker

To enable people to quit smoking a stop smoking vaccine is under development which makes nicotine too big to reach the brain. The injection is given monthly and it is prepared with nicotine anti bodies which makes the nicotine in the blood to bind together making it difficult to pass in to the brain.

By the removal of nicotine from the brain the feeling of addiction is removed from the person. The smoking habit failed all these days because it was considered to be specific to the individual smokers. But to day all people realize that the difficulty is because of nicotine addiction.

Injections such as stop smoking vaccine as specially intended to break this nicotine addiction helping people to quit smoking easily.

The brain may be compared to a unit of wheel and cog perfectly synchronized in running. When one cog breaks of the function of the wheel stops. The effect of nicotine is similar.

The cog is nicotine and when this breaks the function stops till a new cog is in place. The stop smoking vaccine breaks the nicotine cog while other therapies replace the cog.

Additional Help

In a recent stop smoking vaccine studies all participants were given extra resources to quit smoking like counseling and the success rate was calculated through bio chemical methods.

Instead of personal diaries recording daily nicotine needs, researches conducted test to measure carbon mono oxide in the person’s exhaled breath. This measurement will be accurate and demonstrates the return of oxygen levels to the body.

After injecting nicotine anti bodies once a month for 6 months with success the clinical trials moved to the next phase. Cytos Biotechnology developed this and all trails were conducted in Sweden. First they used nicotine replacement therapy but next they did not use it.

The level of antibodies in the blood and the number of people who quit smoking in the first six months revealed the success of the vaccine. Further testing and development will be conducted to find the long term benefits and the potential for side effects to the stop smoking vaccine.

Replacement therapy has solved many of the side effects connected with cessation of smoking. It is now hoped that withdrawal signs will be next to nothing as nicotine dependency is brought down considerably.






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