4 Simple Yet Effective Quit Smoking Tips

Smoking has become integrated with daily activities to such an extent that is extremely difficult to quit. Not only this, nicotine is strongly addictive and makes you dependent both physically and psychologically. Here are a few effective quit smoking tips for your help during difficult times.

Nicotine replacement products

Nicotine smoking increases the secretion of dopamine in the brain making you feel good. So to quit smoking reduce the intake of nicotine slowly but surely till you are completely free from it. You can choose from a wide variety of nicotine replacement products available according to your preference. A very strong mental focus is much more important than what replacement product you have chosen. The useful tips help you quit smoking once and for all.

Break triggering Associations

Socially accepted, cigarette smoking is a part and parcel of daily routine too difficult to quit. This habit is considered more difficult to quit than cocaine addiction or any other non acceptable form of addiction. Quite likely, you have formed strong associations with different normal events like smoking during tea breaks or with friends. To break this habit is the most important thing to quit smoking.

Take up new hobbies

Exercise or a new sport activity can be a new hobby at the time of quitting or after quitting smoking. Strong psychological impact and pre occupation with thoughts of cigarette smoking can be diverted and engaged to some thing positive. This is really a very important tip for non smoking.

Keep your mouth busy

Break the bond developed between the finger and mouth during smoking. You can use chewing gum or suck a candy to keep your mouth busy. This relaxes you and relieves you from the craving for cigarette. Develop a few hobbies and do some creative assignments. Side breaking mind is possible only with these quit smoking tips.






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